Study Hall continues community involvement and stewardship; donates pro bono strategic and brand research to Help Brings Hope for Haiti

As a part of its ongoing commitment to giving back to the communities it serves, Study Hall Research has donated all services and costs required for a qualitative brand development research initiative for Help Brings Hope for Haiti. The research will assist Help Brings Hope for Haiti as the organization assesses a variety of brand strategy and evolution issues with a diverse range of stakeholder audiences.

Addressing this civic and charitable pro bono effort, Rodney Kayton (Managing Partner – Study Hall) said ‘Our consultancy has a very strong commitment to giving back to the communities we serve here in Tampa Bay and beyond. When we were presented with this opportunity, we immediately had a very strong and positive attraction to the organization and the work that Help Brings Hope for Haiti is doing to help rebuild Haiti.’ Kayton added ‘We felt very strongly about the depth and breadth of the work that HBHH is doing, but also about the Board and stakeholders and their level of commitment to the organization. So it was a natural and easy decision for us to donate 100% of whatever the organization needs to meet its goals and objectives as it works to evolve the brand to its next level.’

Bob Johnston, HBHH Board member and CEO of Tampa (FL)-based Front Burner Brands commented that ‘The HBHH organization is exceptionally pleased to have Study Hall as our partner for this important brand evolution research. They did not hesitate to join this effort and have brought a tremendous enthusiasm and passion to their work. As with any charitable organization, Help Brings Hope for Haiti does not maintain a significant operations budget since, in our case, more than 99% of funds raised go directly to Haitian aid programs. So for Study Hall to offer up a series of qualitative research groups and all related analysis and strategic counsel is a strong gesture of their community focus.’

Help Brings Hope For Haiti, Inc. (HBHH) is a not for profit 501(c)(3)organization whose mission it is to bring hope and God’s love to the people of Haiti. Since 2003, HBHH has been working to meet the basic needs of the people of Haiti and helping them to reach independence through education and the creation of jobs. HBHH has a core belief that education can defeat fear, replace ignorance, and bring hope. In addition to supporting education, HBHH has eight program components that address the highest community needs within individual regions across Haiti: agriculture, medical, education, community development, construction and renovation, clothing and household items, food, and water and wells. To learn more, go to

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