Study Hall Research reports Q3 quarter and annual revenues and client contracts up vs. 2012; consultancy poised for significant Q4 and yearend business increases

Study Hall Research has ended Q3 2013 by posting increases for the quarter and the calendar year in both corporate revenues and client contracts.

For the quarter ending 30 September 2013, Study Hall executed 20 new client contracts for primary qualitative and quantitative market research. Corporate revenues for the quarter increased by 19.7%.

For the year-to-date through 30 September, Study Hall has contracted new client engagements at a rate in excess of one new contract every 3.5 business days, with total annual corporate revenues up 11.4%.

Commenting on these positive business numbers, Rodney Kayton (Managing Partner, Study Hall) said ‘We continue to show robust business success and growth for the third consecutive quarter this year, and we are exceptionally pleased that this growth has come from a combination of new and existing clients. During 2013 Study Hall has continued proving to clients the value of smartly-crafted, comprehensive and strategic research initiatives.’ Kayton added ‘We look forward to Q4 of 2013, as it is a quarter already shaping up to be busy. Our consulting calendar has only 6 weeks between now and year-end without a client engagement scheduled, and we look forward to finishing 2013 with all those weeks filled and record numbers posted.’

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