Study Hall Research forms strategic alliance with Convenience Store Decisions magazine for QSR foodservice and other research

Study Hall Research has conducted two nationwide studies regarding consumer use and perceptions of QSR foodservice for Convenience Store Decisions magazine.

Working with the publication, Study Hall Research has completed the first two of a series of foodservice-related Quick Study quantitative surveys against a nationwide US sample. These two studies are part of an exclusive partnership with the periodical that will continue throughout 2014 and branch out into other key areas for convenience store decision makers. The most recent project, the 2014 Foodservice Study, was the cover story for the magazine’s spring edition, and included the following key points among a broader range of foodservice insights.

Incidence & Usage of Foodservice at Convenience Stores

  • More than half of US adult consumers say they have purchased prepared food from a convenience store.
  • 48% of all adults who purchase food from a convenience store do so 1-3 times per month.
  • 28% of all adults who purchase food from a convenience store do so 4-7 times per month
  • 11.2% of all adults who purchase food from a convenience store do so 8+ times per month.
  • The incidence of heavy convenience store food purchasers (8+ times per month) is evenly spread across all income brackets.

Types of Food Purchased

  • 70% of participants that have purchased food from a convenience store in the past 30 days have done so from a restaurant inside the store.
  • Doughnuts and pastries proved to be popular food choices at convenience stores, with 66% of all participants having purchased these items within the past 30 days.
  • Cold microwaveable foods are the least popular food choice, with 25% of all participants stating they have purchased this type of food within the past 30 days.

Store Preference

  • Participants in this study agree that they prefer to buy hot, prepared food from a nationally branded store (vs. a local or independent store).
  • But purchasers of cold, prepared foods are more willing to buy these types of cold prepared foods from any store, as long as the food quality is perceived to be high.
  • And survey respondents appear less likely to prefer buying hot, prepared food from convenience stores that does not sell gas or fuel.

Study Hall’s next survey as a part of this partnership will examine e-cigarette usage and behaviors among consumers.

Convenience Store Decisions’ editorial content reaches more than 40,000 c-store retailers who operate traditional c-store retail outlets or non-traditional convenience stores in airports, colleges, universities and military bases. The full article referenced above, and other information, can be found at

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