Study Hall Research’s Digital Dialogue® platform adds features for 2018 and continues to be a ‘next level’ qualitative research option

Qualitative focus groups are always a powerful and effective tool for gaining in-depth and detailed consumer insights.  But there are occasions when organizations may want the same—or deeper—levels of insight without the time, travel and logistics.  Study Hall’s Digital Dialogue® online engagement platform offers clients the ability to widen the scope, geographic footprint, and range of topics in a qualitative study all while often being a more cost-effective option.  And for 2018, Study Hall will launch new and expanded functionality in its Digital Dialogue® research platform.

What is Digital Dialogue®?

Digital Dialogue® is Study Hall Research’s online interactive qualitative panel platform that allows a wide range of discussion topics to be presented to groups or individuals over an extended period of time (vs. the traditional 2-hour focus group).  The platform is completely customizable to meet the needs of each client and research engagement.

What are the benefits of Digital Dialogue®?

  • Digital Dialogue® is fast, cost effective, and can allow you to include target consumers from a variety of countries and time zones. And the online platform solves respondent availability challenges—as research participants can engage with the discussions at any time of day.
  • A Digital Dialogue® may run from 2-3 days through an entire week.  And may use ‘1-time’ samples or a sample we ‘tap into’ on a regular or recurring basis…essentially creating a digital panel of any size.
  • Digital Dialogue® can be either stimulus:response (asynchronous) or real-time (synchronous).  Or—as is most often the case—both.
  • And Digital Dialogue® can be ‘private’ (e.g. Study Hall branded only) or can be co-branded with a client’s logo—marking the research as collaborative and ‘public’ (e.g. the end client is known).
  • The Digital Dialogue® platform allows the uploading and downloading of images, sharing of videos and more.
  • And it allows ‘group’ discussion to all participants (where everyone can see everything) or the opportunity to off-ramp certain individuals or populations for private discussions.
  • The Digital Dialogue® platform and techniques generate a huge volume of insights and comments.
    • Our moderator(s) are interacting multiple times daily with the participants, probing on follow up questions, etc. This is not a static message board, but rather one that evolves each day.
    • Which means there are opportunities to make changes to tomorrow’s discussion and content based on today’s insights and learning!

Regarding this qualitative research approach, Rob Iles (Partner-Managing Director, Study Hall) said ‘Study Hall Research is dedicated to providing primary research solutions that fit the needs of the individual client.  And the Digital Dialogue® platform allows us to offer a robust, adaptable qualitative research solution in a cost-effective manner.  We have continued to upgrade and refine this research platform and will begin 2018 with abilities to handle larger respondent populations, with expanded and enhanced image and video capabilities (size and quality) and enhanced summary and reporting tools.  All of this means an even more effective primary market research tool for clients to tap into.  We invite all our clients to explore Digital Dialogue® with us and let us show you how it can work for you!’

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