Longitudinal Research

When was the last time you only wanted to talk to a consumer once?

Granted, there are times when a single conversation is invaluable. But like any good relationship, interactions and the ensuing bonds become deeper and more meaningful over time.

And when collected properly, data also becomes more meaningful. For Study Hall, longitudinal research may include the same questions or the same respondents over time. Or both. And over time, the results gain exponentially in depth, richness, detail and context.

  • Asynchronous digital interaction panels
  • Brand Performance, NPS
  • Community-based research (online, in-person, other)
  • Consumer Panel Studies
  • Customer/Member Satisfaction
  • Deprivation Studies
  • Diary & Logbook Studies
  • Long-term ethnographic immersion
  • Online Digital Dialogue™ Discussion Communities
  • Social Media Groups
  • Synchronous digital interaction panels
  • Tracking Studies