Quantitative Research

Because ‘quantitative’ should not = ‘sterile.’

Last we checked, consumers are human—not automatons. Therefore, our quantitative studies and methods are designed to reflect this, and to elicit rich, thoughtful and engaged responses.

We utilize a range of quantitative research technologies that allow us to field research in the times, places, and ways consumers interact with brands, their peers, their lives, and the world. Up front, we strive to make quantitative surveys interesting, engaging, provocative and fun for their respective target audiences. But we are also meticulous and exhaustive in our sampling, respondent criteria and collection processes.

Post data collection, we are every bit as detailed. Our analytics staff includes doctoral and post-graduate training and hands-on experience with advanced statistical analysis tools and techniques.

The result? Quant data that is powerful, grounded, vibrant, and alive.

  • A&U studies
  • Advertising tracking
  • Brand tracking
  • Concept development & evaluation
  • Conjoint analysis
  • Differences testing
  • Driver analysis
  • Factor analysis
  • Media habits studies
  • Mobile quantitative studies
  • Product development & evaluation
  • Profiling & segmentation
  • Regional, national, global studies
  • Regression analysis
  • Satisfaction studies