Our Story

Remember that time when students were put into a room called study hall—supposedly to ‘study’? And remember how there were always ‘those kids’ who actually studied?  These were the kids who balanced curiosity, learning and insight with the part of study hall that was fun and perhaps a bit irreverent.

Ever wonder what happened to those kids? They grew up to become seasoned insights professionals. Relentless research experts. Passionate brand strategists. And they grew up to own companies like this one: Study Hall™.

We are a full-service consultancy specializing in qualitative and quantitative brand and communications research. But we are much more than a research firm. We are a full engagement partner, focusing on data- and research-based insights that help companies make critical business decisions. We design and deploy custom insights initiatives for products, services, communications, brands and more. We work with B2B and B2C clients, advertising agencies, branding firms and other businesses, and our clients include regional, national and international companies, both public and private. And we work with endless different audiences, from the most ‘mass’ to the most specialized.

Beyond that, we have significant ‘big brand’ experience—on both the research and strategic development sides. So we are able to execute pitch-perfect research—but then turn the learning into clear, succinct strategic direction as well. Not something you find in ordinary ‘research houses.’

We are whip smart. Nimble. Market savvy. In touch and in tune with markets and trends. And we use technology as a valuable insights tool (not a toy). But we are also passionate, engaged and fun, and that’s just one thing that sets us apart from all those boring research conglomerates.

Check us out. Challenge us. And then realize what a valuable partner and asset we become.