Study Hall finishes first month of business with 9 client engagements.

Within just 4 weeks of officially launching, Study Hall has landed 9 new engagements from clients in sectors as diverse as casual dining, financial services, healthcare, travel & leisure, fast casual dining, advertising and QSR.  Commenting on the blistering pace with which clients and revenue have grown in just 30 days, Rob Iles, Managing Director, said this: “We are amazed and gratified at how quickly clients have heard of Study Hall, sought us out and presented us with diverse and interesting research needs–a great testament to the reputation Rodney Kayton and I have built over our professional careers.  And our team is happy to provide comprehensive research and insights, but also stategic direction and counsel based on those insights–something not offered by other research consultancies in the region.  This is exactly how we envisioned Study Hall taking off, and the firm is already ahead of revenue projections for Q2 2010.  Thanks to all our new clients!”

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