Checkers/Rally’s orders 5 research initiatives in 5 weeks from Study Hall

Checkers/Rally’s, the 806-unit quick service restaurant chain, has assigned its fifth food-development research initiative to Study Hall in as many weeks. Working closely with the client, Study Hall has implemented a diverse series of food development and taste-testing initiatives that ranged from more traditional lab-based taste-testing to real-time on-site product reviews in a mobile fieldwork lab.

Addressing the selection of Study Hall as research engagement partner for these initiatives, Ryan Joy (Senior Director – Research & Development, Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc.) commented that, “Food development and taste-testing research presents a unique series of challenges, including a need for very rapid turnaround times for fieldwork and a moderating team that understands the nuances of food development and the immediacy with which customer feedback is needed once an item is prepared according to specs. The Study Hall team clearly demonstrates a deep understanding of the fast food category, as well as the nature of food development testing. What’s more, they have proposed novel and creative venues and facilitation methods that allow us to collect feedback in both traditional and non-traditional qualitative research settings. This ‘real world’ insight has been quite useful for Checkers and Rally’s.”

Rodney Kayton (Managing Partner, Study Hall) added: “We continue to expand our already-strong experience in food categories. And we are pleased to offer Checkers and other clients full-service taste-testing and food evaluation management in Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville, as well as markets outside of Florida.”

For more information about Study Hall’s expertise in taste-testing and food research, contact us at 813.849.4255 (x203) or via