Fitness-Tek taps Study Hall for comprehensive brand and concept development research

Tampa (FL) based Fitness-Tek has contracted with Study Hall as research partner for brand and new concept development research for innovative offerings in the fitness and wellness sectors.  Fitness-Tek has tasked Study Hall with developing comprehensive research-based strategic and tactical foundations for what Norm Belanger (CEO – Fitness-Tek) calls “an entirely new offering in the fitness and wellness industries.”  In speaking of the decision to retain Study Hall, Belanger added this: “Our company genuinely feels we have discovered a wildly underserved niche in the health and wellness category, but we lacked sufficient primary market research to fully understand the potential market for our concept.  Beyond that, we lacked deep and broad customer insight to help us develop and refine the concept.  We were impressed by several things about Study Hall:  their incredible grasp of the health and wellness category; their clear understanding of the specialized target audiences we want to attract; the speed with which they clearly ‘got’ what we need; and the incredible enthusiasm and strong business intelligence they have brought to this engagement.”

 Rodney Kayton (Partner – Study Hall) added “It is unusual for us to encounter a client, a business or an idea we feel is truly game-changing in any category.  Fitness-Tek’s concept is just that, and we are excited to provide them with research and insights at this critical time.  We look forward to helping them with concept development, brand and communications strategy, and even concept design and execution.”

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