Study Hall added to roster of guest lecturers at Zimmerman Advertising Program at USF

Study Hall Managing Director Rob Iles has been added to the roster of guest lecturers at the Zimmerman Advertising Program at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Starting with the Spring 2011 semester, Iles and other Study Hall team members will participate as guest lecturers in the ZAP Advertising Research curriculum. The firm was asked to participate in the guest lecture series by Hal Vincent, part of the ZAP teaching faculty. For the Spring semester lecture, Iles will address the role of research on both the creative and account management sides of advertising. Commenting on this responsibility, Iles noted that ‘Lecturing at USF is very much in keeping with our mission to not only provide superior custom market research for corporate and ad agency clients, but to do so while being excellent community stewards and giving back to Tampa Bay. We are pleased and honored to be asked by the ZAP and Hal Vincent to assume this responsibility, and we look forward to an ongoing relationship with Zap and the University.’

Hal Vincent added: ‘Part of our goal is to bring successful, compelling ‘real world’ individuals into the academic environment. Rob Iles and Study Hall are an excellent source on many counts: a successful consultancy, staffed by engaging and accomplished individuals with tremendous case study and other genuine experiences to share. They were a natural–and easy–selection as guest lecturers.

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