Wheel Works rolls into Study Hall; consultancy retained for creative evaluation research

Wheel Works, the west coast division of Clearwater, FL-based Tires Plus, has retained Study Hall to conduct creative evaluation research on new brand image and direct marketing campaign creative. Prior to the launch of Wheel Works’ new creative campaign in the San Francisco Bay market, Study Hall will be conducting final creative assessment qualitative. Addressing this research Rob Iles (Managing Director – Study Hall) noted that ‘This is a classic creative evaluation assignment for us, and one which utilizes our very structured framework for assessing campaign elements. As with any creative evaluation, we will specifically examine key metrics: message clarity, consumer engagement, standout and memorability, and key creative elements. This is the sort of disciplined approach we take to creative evaluation every time–be it an assessment of television spots, print, direct response or other creative units. We are pleased to continue our relationship with Tires Plus, and to now be asked to expand that relationship to other brands within the corporate portfolio.’

To learn more about Study Hall and creative campaign evaluation research–or other primary market research–contact us at 813.849.4255, x203.