Front Burner Brands and Melting Pot name Study Hall as Marketing Partner of the Year

[Denver, CO] Today, at the company’s annual franchisee convention, Front Burner Brands and The Melting Pot named Study Hall Research as the Marketing Partner of the Year. Study Hall was awarded one of only five Partner of the Year awards presented by Melting Pot to vendors in different categories. More importantly, the award marked the first time Melting Pot has ever given an award to a Marketing Services vendor. Addressing this first-ever award, Cindy Haynes (SVP Marketing – The Melting Pot) said ‘Study Hall Research has played an integral role in developing the foundation for our recent strategic development. Our partnership and close collaboration with Study Hall led to deep and broad understanding of The Melting Pot consumer base, as well as The Melting Pot’s first ever brand positioning statement. The evolution of our brand is the cornerstone to our continued success, and the work that Study Hall Research has conducted for us has provided the catalyst for that evolution. Marketing Partner of the Year was an easy decision, and we offer an enormous THANK YOU to the Study Hall team for all their dedication and ongoing contributions to our brand.’

Commenting on the award, Rob Iles (Managing Director – Study Hall) added ‘We are thrilled to receive this honor from The Melting Pot, as it marks another in a series of vendor awards we have received from clients in the restaurant industry. The past year has been marked by an incredible range of research for The Melting Pot, and what has made our partnership so gratifying is watching how deeply the research and insights have been integrated across the entire Melting Pot organization. Watching speaker after speaker at the convention make reference to various insights and research was exciting and invigorating, and we look forward to continuing to work with the Melting Pot team as they move the brand forward to new heights.’

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