Study Hall expands full-service research offerings with launch of Honor Roll Online Panel

Effective today, Study Hall Research announces the launch of its new Honor Roll® Online Panel. This online panel gives clients access to more than 94,700 consumers for a range of custom market research uses. Study Hall has built this panel from the ground up, and has designed the panel to be able to grow quickly and exponentially. Commenting on the launch of the Study Hall Honor Roll®, Rodney Kayton (Managing Partner – Study Hall) noted that ‘With the launch of Honor Roll®, Study Hall provides the largest panel in the State of Florida. And we are pleased to offer this panel as a complement to the larger syndicated panels.’ Kayton added ‘Honor Roll® was custom-designed to offer a very high-speed polling mechanism for clients who need rapid feedback on critical questions or policy issues. But beyond that, the Study Hall Honor Roll® also provides clients a vehicle for coordinating and conducting online surveys, panel discussions, in-depth interviews and other online-originated research with a diverse range of consumer populations. We will continue to grow this panel, and expect to have more than 100,000 panel members before the end of September.’

The Honor Roll® Online Panel marks a continuation in Study Hall’s commitment to offering clients a deep and broad range of effective market research tools. To learn more about this panel and all the other ways Study Hall can generate compelling insights and useful research-based knowledge for your brand, contact us at 813.849.4255, x202, or via our website at