Texas-based MedSpring Urgent Care retains Study Hall for design, customer experience & brand research

Austin (TX) based MedSpring Urgent Care has contracted with Study Hall for a multi-market research assessment of facilities design and customer patient elements. During December and into 2012, Study Hall will conduct qualitative research with key MedSpring target audiences to evaluate, enhance and refine facilities design and various aspects of the MedSpring patient service delivery and experience model. MedSpring is a new entrant into the growing healthcare category of urgent care, and is the corporate brainchild of a team of highly skilled and experienced executives from a brand range of healthcare executives representing medicine, research, managed care and more.

Addressing this new assignment, Rob Iles (Partner – Managing Director, Study Hall) said ‘We have been working with the MedSpring team for more than a year now, and are pleased to have provided primary market research support as the brand has germinated, grown and come to fruition. MedSpring offers a truly superior urgent care product and experience, in an atmosphere that defies both category norms and patient expectations. As the MedSpring brand continues its expansion, the corporate team wisely wants to understand the interrelated roles of the brand, the MedSpring patient environment, and the importance of comprehensive patient experience insight and planning.’ Iles added ‘We look forward to conducting research with key target consumers in markets across Texas–and to helping MedSpring optimize what is already a highly-rated and superior patient experience and product. Beyond that, we are thrilled to continue expanding Study Hall’s already-broad range of healthcare research competencies.’

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