Central Florida News 13 continues Study Hall partnership; Orlando cable leader engages Study Hall for strategic development qualitative research

Continuing an ongoing business and strategic partnership that has existed for more than 3 years, Bright House Networks and Orlando-based cable channel Central Florida News 13 has retained Study Hall Research for strategic development qualitative research.

Working with Central Florida News 13’s marketing and programming teams, Study Hall will execute a series of market-focused qualitative Baccalaureate Groups® with key target consumers in the Orlando metro market during May 2012.

Addressing this new research engagement, Rodney Kayton (Managing Partner, Study Hall) said ‘Central Florida News 13 is the cornerstone of Bright House Network’s cable offering in the Orlando market. We have worked with their core team for a number of years, providing primary market research in a range of areas relating to cable television, cable news and broadcast content and delivery. We are always pleased when the Bright House Networks and Central Florida News 13 teams come to us with new challenges, and we look forward to conducting this important strategic research and providing consumer-grounded data on which to make business decisions. Bright House Networks and Central Florida News 13 are always working to stay at the forefront of their markets and deliver what their customers most want end need. This client clearly understands the value of well-planned and strongly usable research and insights, and we are pleased to again partner with them to deliver just that.’

Commenting on this new research engagement, Barbara Burley, Corporate Director of Marketing for Bright House Networks Local Programming Group added this: ‘The longevity of our partnership with Study Hall Research is something we value tremendously. The Study Hall team consistently delivers what we need: excellent and grounded insights, clear implications for our business and a tremendous attention to detail. Beyond that, we just find them to be a fun and great group of professionals!

Central Florida News 13 metropolitan Orlando’s only 24-hour local news channel focused on up-to-the minute local, community, county, and traffic news. Central Florida News 13, the most advanced, most powerful, highest resolution broadcast weather in the world, with revolutionary technology providing the most accurate weather forecasting possible. Central Florida News 13 is carried exclusively in metro Orlando on Bright House Networks – Channel 13.

To learn more about Bright House Networks and Central Florida News 13, go to www.mybrighthouse,com or www.cfnews13.com.

To learn more about Study Hall’s expertise in broadcasting and television-related research, especially in the areas of strategic or program development/evaluation–or to request case studies for any of our broad range of strategic development case studies–contact us at 813.849.4255, x203 or go to www.StudyHallResearch.com.