Study Hall Research founders pen two articles for key marketing research publication MRA Alert!

Study Hall Research founders Rodney Kayton and Rob Iles are published twice in the Q3 2014 issue of MRA Alert!, the respected quarterly publication of the Marketing Research Association.

Iles and Kayton authored two articles for the current issue, which focuses on the theme ‘Time for a qual tune-up?’ and features articles from marketing research thought leaders about various new and evolving aspects of marketing research.

Mr. Iles authored the article ‘The overnight qual debrief: It’s possible, it’s profitable, and it’s actually kind of fun.’ In this article, Iles addresses an increasingly-popular Study Hall Research debrief offering, and provides a series of guidelines to help marketing research professionals (and clients) decide when such an overnight debrief could be considered. In addition, Iles’ article details how to structure the overnight debrief document, how to design the qualitative fieldwork to optimize production of the overnight debrief, and the benefits for clients and all other involved team members.

Working together, Iles and Kayton co-authored the article ‘Multi-channel qual recruiting: Learning from the experiences of a research consultancy.’ In this article, the Study Hall co-owners discuss qualitative recruiting, which remains ever-critical with the increased resurgence of qualitative research as a meaningful and valuable research discipline. Increasingly-fragmented media use and the explosion of digital media has required recruiting to move beyond the traditional respondent panels and databases to social media, e-message recruiting, traditional media and sometimes almost guerilla tactics. As experts in custom qualitative market research, Iles and Kayton offer a Study Hall perspective and a series of key lessons learned over time.

Both articles can be found in the current issue (Q3 2014) of MRA Alert! Distribution of this issue started 1 June 2014.

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