Study Hall Research partner elected Vice-President of Board of Directors for freeFall Theatre

Rob Iles (Partner – Managing Director, Study Hall) has been elected Vice-President of the Board of Directors for freeFall Theatre in St. Petersburg.  Prior to being elected Vice-President, he joined freeFall’s Board of Directors in 2017.

In commenting on this election, Iles said: ‘It is a privilege simply to sit on the freeFall Board, as freeFall is—without a doubt—one of the most innovative theatre companies in Florida.  But being elected to this leadership position on the Board is an honor—and a challenge—that is not taken lightly.  In the face of continuing cuts to arts funding, it is more critical than ever for organizations like freeFall to have dedicated, creative and intelligent stewardship from all board members and supporters.  The freeFall Board is just that and more, and I look forward to being a part of freeFall’s continued forward momentum as a vanguard theatre company.’

Iles added: ‘Besides the challenge of providing strong stewardship as a part of the freeFall Board, it’s just a damn good organization with amazing artistic and creative direction that stages incredible and provocative shows that everyone in Tampa Bay should see!’

Located at 6099 Central Avenue in St. Petersburg (FL), freeFall Theatre operates continually in pursuit of its core mission: to pursue art’s greater purposes and the transformative power of theatre – as a builder of community, a source of upliftment, and a builder of cultural legacy.  freeFall Theatre presents a varied range of classical and new works that are bold, daring, and diverse. freeFall strives to be accessible, and presents live theatre experiences in ways that invite, entertain, and challenge audiences.  And freeFall is committed to improving the lives of the citizens of Tampa Bay through its efforts to provide broad access to theatre that represents a high level of artistic achievement, and through educational programs that increase the community’s understanding and enjoyment of live theatre.

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